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If you go to one demonstration and then go home, that's something, but the people in power can live with that. What they can't live with is sustained pressure that keeps building, organisations that keep doing things, people that keep learning lessons from the last time and doing it better the next time.
Noam Chomsky

Power is a drug on which the politicians are hooked. They buy it from the voters, using the voters' own money.
Peter Newman


The Mhlako Triumvirate

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Internet users in Malawi can no longer access this blog! If yo are reading this then you are probably somewhere else in the world. Has Malawi now joined China, Pakistan, India and other countries around the wrold where freedom of speech is considered a threat to the regime? Whast does that tell us about Bingu and his crew of sycophantic cronies.
After several days of is it or isn't it censorship I am now almost sure that it is. And while I can't access my blog via its URL I can access it to edit and post - so the blog carries on and we'll have to find a way to get around this apparent censorship so that the many Malawians who share my concern at currrent developments in Malawi will be able to freely read my blogs again.
So - keep reading, wherever you are.
And try to do something to advance freedoms in this world.


  1. Currently in Malawi and came across your blog through Nyasa Times. I'm sure I'm not the only one able to access.

  2. For a while others in Malawi were directed to the Airtel Page instead of my blog. Subsequently everything was back to normal except that at one stage my 'follower' section also displayed the Airtel page. I posted a screenshot on Facebook. All very strange. It has never happened before and I have not had any reports from others that they have had similar experience. I am still waiting for an explanation from Airtel. I continue to be wary!

  3. Amfumu TripleOG02 March, 2011 17:43

    iwe ka Williams the days of the raj and empire are well gone.Malawians are a peace loving people,we do not need people like you in our country,with your vile poisonous sadistic evil views.The days when the likes of you would set the agenda for the 'indigenous tribes' are well gone,the days were the 'indigenous people'were forced to work by the likes of you for no pay though the thangata system,the days where men,boys,women and girls were sexually molested to satisfy the libido of the 'Master' will never come back a nutshell My forefathers suffered for 100's of years in the most inhumane way possible at the hands of the likes of you and as much as you would like things to go back to those 'Good Ol Days' that will never happen,you vision and memories will never come to fulfillment.My prayer is that you go back to the hole were you have been inhabiting and leave as sons of the soil to sort out our problems if any,in the way that our culture has taught us though out the years,though peaceful means,unlike your culture which advocates the use of violence and sexually harassing girls,men,boys and women.
    thank you

  4. It's always nice to see an alternative point of view, no matter how sick it may be!
    I don't recognise myself in the description, though.

  5. mkamwini you are doing a great work, osabwelela m'mbuyo. All the best

  6. In answer to the comments made by Amfumu, have you read the report in todays Nyasa Times?

    For what it's worth, I don't recognise your description of Mkamwini either.

    Yes, some Malawians have suffered in the past, but why are they still suffering after nearly 50 years of self Government?

    As you sy, Thank you!